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ProCraft started the production of automotive body repair machines and accessories by Necati KURT in 1994 and started the production of PDR tools and equipment in 2002. The official company management continues with his son Furkan KURT, who is a Mechanical Engineer since January 1, 2021. . Over the years, the product range has increased in volume and number of brands. We currently manufacture more than 700 items and offer full-time exports to more than 45 countries!

This makes us the world's largest PDR tool and equipment manufacturer. We have a distributor company in Germany with our distributorship works in 2020.

We are very advantageous in terms of product quality and price. Most products are available directly from stock, which means we offer one-stop shopping for the whole world.
Offer Procraft as a professional, top quality brand that appeals to all Pdr dent removers and overseas buyers.
ProCraft Pdr Tools manufactures Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) tools and PDR accessories for professional Dent Technicians worldwide and works hard to become the world leader.


Our mission is very simple;

Produce professional PDR tools, offer the best PDR tools on the market, and provide excellent customer service to every customer. We now

sell our products worldwide. In addition to stainless steel materials, our PDR tools also produce spring steel.
Our stainless steel tools are processed by precision machinery and heat treatment (hardened) according to our specifications to provide the most powerful and durable tools. Tool tips are treated with smoother and more consistent tips to prevent cracks and breaks in the paint. Our specially designed handles are then welded to the tools. They provide the highest power and lift with the best comfort control on the market. These tools are very shiny and dipped in a durable baked rubber coating, which can then be used in a variety of colors.
2020 new design handle Aesthetic, ergonomic and durable ProCraft gives you comfort, speed of application and excellent results.

The ProCraft series meets the most demanding requirements of the profession in terms of ergonomics, power and performance.


4 reasons to choose ProCraft facility:

Created by cleaning experts
1. Paintless Dent tools
2. Excellent ergonomics
3. Intensive use
4. Range of products for light technicians
5. More affordable price and shipping option for quality products and similar competing companies

Unpainted Dent Removal tools and accessories offer the highest quality. Our stainless steel tools are precisely treated and heat treated (hardened) to our specification to provide the most powerful and durable tools available. Tool tips are machined on smoother, more consistent tips to prevent cracks and breaks in the paint. Our specially designed elastomer handles are then welded to the tools. The production of these handles is more expensive than simple open ring bends. They provide the strongest and leverage ratio with the best level of comfort control on the market. These instruments are extremely bright.

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