• Pdr Led Ligh Led Lamp 6 Stript Led 220-12V with Controlled PUR CABLE hail light kit Procraft -11%
  • Pdr Led Ligh Led Lamp 6 Stript Led 220-12V with Controlled PUR CABLE hail light kit Procraft -11%
  • Pdr Led Ligh Led Lamp 6 Stript Led 220-12V with Controlled PUR CABLE hail light kit Procraft -11%
  • Pdr Led Ligh Led Lamp 6 Stript Led 220-12V with Controlled PUR CABLE hail light kit Procraft -11%

Pdr Led Ligh Led Lamp 6 Stript Led 220-12V with Controlled PUR CABLE hail light kit Procraft

PDR Led Light With Stand
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6 Strips Led With controlled
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Product Features

DR1149 unpainted dent correction lamp is controlled by 6 strip led remote control. The area of ​​9m2 is not affected by radio frequency.
LED lights are quite powerful. You can fine-tune the remote.
On-off and light adjustments are made with the control.

We can manufacture the LED order as you want. Unless otherwise stated
standard led sequence is as follows.
6 leds (white, daylight, white, daylight, white, daylight)
Each led is controlled by a separate switch. There are 6 LEDs and 6 separate switches on the case. All leds can work simultaneously. You can perfectly see the small traces in the full dent. The led case is very thin. Each led is connected to the mains supply using a spiral cable that cannot be removed.

Lamp Set includes:
Led control controller is made of a mounting unit to fix the Product to Sofit stand, 220-12V power converter to connect the lamp to 220V network, Lamp Stand, Lamp case, Telescopic stand made of high strength steel profile and pipe. The curved shoulder is made of aluminum tubing, which is attached to the main rack using the rotary clamp mechanism. The design of the main shelf has a retractable bracket. And it is attached to a trapezoidal base with four support wheels with extendable adjustable legs and locking mechanism for attaching an optional battery. 360 degree rotating armature in control head Adjusts the slot on the original ball.
Products are shipped demonto. Special wrench for crimping

PUR KABLO, production in European standards with special manufacturing and workmanship.

Power supply of direct current (V) - 12;
Luminous flux (Lm) - warm 850, white 1220;
Working temperature range (° C), -20 to +45;
Nominal power consumption (W), up to - 46.0;
Nominal current consumption (A) is not more than 4.0;
Overall dimensions of Led Case (cm) - 20x100
Telescopic floor stand: type - “Crane”;
Height - 1170 mm. maximum height - 2250 mm.
Net weight - 10.5 ± 0.2 kg.
Gross Weight - 12.5 ± 0.2 kg
Package Dimensions (cm) - 25x20x120cm

Size of the box for shipping: 25x15x120cm
Box Weight: 15 kg

Delivery from stock to all over the world with fast shipping.


Not: if a vehicle lighter plug is required, please add to the cart. There is no cigarette lighter plug in standard shipments.!

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  • I installed and run the product. Case dimensions are very good. I advise.

  • Top!!! 👍 ı like it light reflection is very good. Thank ü procraft...

  • I bought an urgent light since it broke an old one and it was sent very well wrapped very fast and no shipping cost was a win win win !!!

  • The best light. I'm a body tech in a body shop. If you are considering a light, do not look more than that. There's nothing more adjustable, user-friendly, robust and well-made. I wish I had it earlier. If you are a body tech like me or a PDR guy, this is the light you need

  • Worth every penny! If you've questioned the price.. DONT! THIS THING WILL PAY FOR ITSELF FIRST TIME OUT!

  • This light is awesome. There’s really nothing that I would change about it.

  • Perfect...

  • Very affordable price according to the quality. I ordered from Serbia. They made very fast express shipping

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